Seitan Recipe

Seitan is a vegan meat substitute that has been growing in popularity over the years. It is so versatile that nowadays, it is used to make vegan beef, fried chicken, ham slices, sausage, minced meat and so on. Apart from its versatility, seitan is also a great source of protein and various minerals, such as iron, selenium, calcium, phosphorus and copper.

What is seitan made from? Seitan is a product of the vital wheat gluten, which is the pure protein found in wheat flour. However, unlike wheat flour, seitan is low in carbohydrates and mostly does not contain starch. Seitan is made by hydrating this protein with a range of seasonings then cooking in a way specific to the final product desired. In our opinion, this meat substitute is more similar to both the appearance and texture of meat.

Without further ado, here’s one of our delicious seitan recipes!

Bon Appetit!
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Ingredients (click on the coloured ingredients to find where to buy them)

150g Vital Wheat Gluten

1tbsp Nutritional Yeast

1/2tsp Smoked Paprika

1/2tsp Black Pepper

1-1.5tsp Brown Sugar

1/4tsp Smoked Chilli Powder

2tsp Ketchup

1.5tsp Brown Sauce

1tsp Tomato Puree

1/2tsp Liquid Smoke

3tsp Soy Sauce

120-150g water

3.3g Stock cube

10g Stock cube

25ml Soy Sauce

900ml Hot Water


For a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make this, check out our IGTV video on Instagram at @lickyourplates_

  • Combine the vital wheat gluten, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, black pepper and brown sugar in a mixing bowl.
  • In a cup, dissolve approximately 3.3g of a vegetable stock cube and the tomato purée in a mixture of the 120ml water, liquid smoke, ketchup, brown sauce and 3tsp of soy sauce. Start with just the 120g of water and adjust, if needed, later.
  • Make a well in the centre of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ingredients into the well.
  • Stir gently, using a fork, to combine all ingredients thoroughly. When a dough-like substance starts being formed and most of it is off the sides of the bowl, take out the fork and knead, by hand, for approximately 5 minutes. Afterwards, let the “dough” rest for a minute.
  • In a pot, dissolve a 10g stock cube in 900ml of hot water combined with 25ml of soy sauce. Set the pot, with its lid on, on a stove top at high heat till a rolling boil is reached.
  • Meanwhile, flatten out the “dough” to a thickness slightly smaller than that of your desired final thickness of seitan pieces. Using a knife, slice the “dough” across its shorter length then lay out each strip with spaces left between them then cut each strip into smaller bits, a bit smaller than the desired length of your seitan pieces. Space out each cut pieces of “dough” to prevent them from expanding and sticking to each other.
  • Take the lid off of the pot and individually place each “dough” piece into the pot of boiling broth at various positions.
  • Turn the heat down till the broth is just simmering.
  • Place the lid back on and set a timer for 1 hour.
  • After the time has elapsed, either take the seitan pieces out of the broth using a slotted spoon or spatula and gently press out some of the liquid in it, or drain the broth out of the pot. Save this broth as it can be used when cooking other dishes such as soups or adding more flavour to rice dishes and gravies.
  • Optionally, you can brown these pieces in a hot non-stick pan for a few minutes or you can fry them in some oil. This makes the final texture a bit firmer and also makes the outer parts of the seitan a bit sweeter. Personally, we prefer to brown the pieces a bit. However, if we are making meat strips, we slice each piece into thin strips before we brown them in a pan.
  • Add the seitan pieces as a side to any dish or combine with a dish you are cooking.


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