Nigerian-Inspired Dishes (in Collaboration With VegansOfNigeria)

For this entry, I have collaborated with Wandoo Ityavyar of VegansOfNigeria to bring two Nigerian-inspired dishes to you (well….their recipes).

My inspiration for deciding to have this theme was that, unfortunately, I am not particularly in touch with my Nigerian culture, especially as I do not live in Nigeria. I am not much of a fan of Nigerian foods, to be honest, but I am a fan of foods inspired by Nigerian dishes. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the taste of meats (or that I am just a “picky eater”).

Wandoo and I both do not eat meats and we both happen to be Nigerian so, we are bringing to you our take on vegan versions of Jollof Rice and Groundnut/Peanut Soup, respectively.

Let us know if you try our recipes and don’t forget to check out Wandoo @VegansOfNigeria on Instagram!

Bon Appétit!