Unboxed Vegan

Are you vegan, do you follow a predominantly vegan diet, are you curious about veganism or do you just want to try something new?

Going vegan can be a bit of a pain. We can say that. It makes shopping longer as ingredients need to be read over and over again and more often than most of us choose to admit, we accidentally pick up something non-vegan.

What if we told you that the transition to veganism and maintenance of a vegan lifestyle could be made easier?

Unboxed Vegan is a food box service that aims to make life much easier by delivering vegan foods, ingredients and treats straight to your door weekly or monthly.

Now, the question is, “what would you like to see in your Unboxed Vegan box?”

Unboxed Vegan will like to hear from you in order to tailor their boxes to you and make your food experience even better. By taking this short survey, you can let them know what you would love to see in their boxes and receive some exclusive discounts before they officially launch.



One thought on “Unboxed Vegan

  1. Eden Sharp

    Tempeh, nutritional yeast, chick peas, lentils, sundried tomato paste, olive pate, seitan (cooked), soya cream, vegan mayo, vegan cheese, cashews, vegan Worcestershire sauce, organic veg, baco bits, liquid smoke, jack fruit.


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