4th of July Ideas: Blue and Red Refreshers

This post is coming up quite late, unfortunately. When trying to develop this recipe, I couldn’t think of an ingredient that when blended or seeped would form a blue liquid. Even blueberry juice is purple! Around this time, I stumbled onto a blue smoothie on Instagram and had to read every single thing in its description until I found what this magical blue ingredient was. I found it! Butterfly Pea Powder.

Whenever I mention this magical ingredient to anyone, their first reaction is, “why is it blue? Shouldn’t peas be green?” some wonder what butterflies have to do with it. Well, honestly, I do not know the answer to those questions although I do know that butterflies have absolutely nothing to do with butterfly peas neither does it have anything to do with pigeons as it’s other name just so happens to be, “Asian pigeonwings!”

Why did I refer to this ingredient as magical? Well, that’s because it is! Due to this one ingredient, believe it or not, this drink changes colour. Yes! it goes from a deep blue to a purplish-red colour. This is an effect you can use to wow your guest.

Without further ramblings about this ingredient, here is the recipe to your coloured drinks!

Bon App├ętit!

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